Minnesota County Data Files

In attempting to work on King Boreas's County Cache Challente — Minnesota Style, I wanted a better way to plan caching trips, so I set out to construct GSAK filters for each of Minnesota's 87 counties. The first challenge was getting accurate county data, and I was fortunate that Moun10Bike was able to provide me with a GPX file of just that data.

From that file I extracted each county's data separately, cleaned it up, and placed it in a text file that can be imported into GSAK's polygon filter.

The text files I created are available — either separately or all together — for download using the selector below.

There's no guarantee that these are accurate, but so far they seem to be working pretty well. If you have questions or run into any problems, please let me know.



Download All Counties in a ZIP file.


Minnesota DeLorme Blocks

Download Delorme blocks in a Zip File

Mapsource file with pages as routes.